Google Penalty Recovery Service India

Has your website experienced an abrupt drop in rankings, traffic and sales? Alas! A sudden plummet is an indication of a Google penalty.

Google won’t tell you why your website has been devastated. You’ll need to seek advice from an expert who knows what to watch out for; that’s us.

How Desire Web Traffic Can Help You?

Positioned as a reputable name in the digital world, DWT first comprehends search marketing scrupulously. To lead your sick website on a path to healing, we leverage a distinctive fusion of contemporary and battle-tested SEO tactics, customized to the needs of the hour.

Our success rate in getting penalties eliminated is quite high. We have helped numerous companies recover their website rankings, by recreating the trustworthiness of your site and making it touch the zenith of search charts again.

Our Bouquet Of Services Includes:
  • Panda Recovery
  • Penguin Recovery
  • Manual Action Recovery, etc
The Road to Recovery
  • Thorough analysis of anchor text
  • Manual elimination of unnatural links
  • Duplicate backlink anchor ratio study
  • Quality assessment of On-page content
  • Duplicate content and plagiarism review
  • Careful review of Google Webmaster Tools

Start your road to recovery with us now!